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With over 40 years of bankruptcy law experience, attorney Thomas O. Gillis understands that you have objectives and debt challenges that are unique to your situation. That is why he takes time to listen to clients, understand their goals and tailor their bankruptcy filing to meet their individualized needs..

You Deserve A Fresh Start

Dealing with the constant stress and anxiety of debt can make life difficult. Collection calls, lawsuits, wage garnishments and threats of home foreclosure can make anyone lose sleep. If you are sick of the burden of unmanageable debt and think you have run out of options, bankruptcy may be the solution for you. Although bankruptcy is not right for everyone, it has helped millions of Latin Americans who are struggling with debt find a new path to a brighter financial future.

We Can Help

At Gillis Law, we have helped thousands of people obtain a new fresh start through bankruptcy.  Attorney Thomas O. Gillis practices exclusively in bankruptcy law to provide each of our valued clients with the experienced and knowledgeable representation they require. Call 1-866-288-4435 today to schedule your free consultation today with the premier Central Valley bankruptcy attorney, Thomas O. Gillis. Picking up the phone is the first step to taking back your life.